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A wood fence is a wood fence, right?  Nope.  If you are considering a wood fence, you will soon discover-after, gathering estimates, how confusing the wood fence market has become as of late. 

Complicating the already complicated, new fence companies and products are popping-up monthly as the economy rebounds.  Each new company brings with them their own standards and opinions and their own methods and marketing strategies.  As a result, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction; however, as in life, the answers will be found through research. 

The Comprehensive Wood Guide is a educational tool which is designed as a resource for both consumers and competitors a like.  The guide is based on scientific research, independent sources, and field experiments and findings. 

As you read, there will be parts of the guide that are incomplete. I apologize in advance, there will be a few grammatical errors because we are constantly adding new information at the request of consumers.

Last-if you have any suggestions or have a particular question, please email me at I'll will make sure your question is answered and place within the guide.

Happy Reading,

Kip HudaKoz
President Paramount Fencing, Inc.


Are You considering a vinyl fence for your Orlando Home?  If you are, this vinyl buyers guide is a must read.  

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When I speak up, some representative gives me a crazed look of inconvenience. Of course, let's not forget the three standard responses that drive any consumer crazy:  "I'm just doing what I'm told," "That's just the way it is," and "That's the best I can do."

What I have come to realize is that creating a happy customer is a monumental task.  Companies try, but they fail miserably. Maybe it's a defective product or service. Maybe it's just bad customer service or maybe it's because what was promised was not delivered.  It's always something. 

Regardless, the question is "why?" The answer is relatively simple.  A company is only as good as its owner and the people he or she employees!

Understand, the owner's core beliefs will determine the outcome of any interaction.  If the owner cares, so do the employees.  If the owner possesses a flaw, chances are the employees posses more.   

So that's why it's fair to ask any employee, of any company, what the owner's core beliefs are.  The difference between a happy ending and an unhappy one all depends upon those core beliefs.

So here are my core beliefs:

1. "If it's to be, it's up to me."  I firmly believe creating a happy fence customer is more important than the selling of a good or a service.  

2. "Just do the right thing."  I firmly believe doing the right thing can outperform a bad economy or the latest fad.  So when decisions are made within my company, they are based on what's right and not on the bottom line.  

3. "Do it right the first time, or just don't bother."  I firmly believe the end result of anything is a direct reflection of my character.  As a result, when I do something, it is all or nothing.  Anything less is unacceptable!

4. "If you make a mistake, own it."  I firmly believe the only way to succeed in life and in business is to make mistakes.  The key is to understand the nature of the mistake, own it, fix it, and never make it twice. 

5.  "Don't just be good. Be the best."  I do not believe in mediocrity.  Once I set out to accomplish a goal, I give it everything. Second place just isn't good enough.   

6.  "Do what you say, say what you mean, or don't open your mouth."  I firmly believe you are only as good as your word!  

7.  "Be honest at all times." I firmly believe the truth is not always pleasant to hear, but telling the truth will gain a person's respect in the end. 

These are my core beliefs; I hold them dear.  Most importantly, I expect everyone within my organization to honor them, to love them, and to respect them. Should you ever interact with anyone from my organization and you witness otherwise, please let me know, and I will pull the weed from my garden.

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